Information for visitors and shipping regarding infection control

Dear Sir or Madam,

We herewith would like to inform you about SCHLENK's taken actions regarding the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). Aim of these measures is protecting our employees and ensuring of our supply chain, production and supply capability at the usual high level. All our business activities will go on. We increased infection control.  

With regard to short-time-contacts like visitors or shipping employees, we have installed following infection protection measures:   If you had contact with cases of infection or suspected infection or even show cold symptoms yourself, access to our company is strictly prohibited.   Please use digital solutions or the telephone calls instead of visits.  

Access to office buildings as well as access to factory premises for on-site-services are subject to strict regulations. These include above all thorough hygiene. Wearing a FFP2-mask is mandatory, wash your hands and keep the necessary distance of 3m to our employees.  

In the case of deliveries or pick-up, especially by trucks from the affected crisis areas, care must be taken to ensure that the unloading and loading is specially protected. For this reason, the driver is not allowed to leave the truck.  

In addition, our own employees are requested to avoid contact as far as possible, this includes the avoidance of handshakes and keeping a distance of 3 meters to other person.
We assure you that we at SCHLENK are paying the highest attention to this situation and all our efforts are directed towards the best possible cooperation with our partners in order to keep the impacts of the coronavirus as small as possible towards our customers, our business partners and our company.  

Yours faithfully

General Management