European Coatings Show 2019


Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you very much for your visit at the SCHLENK booth during the European Coatings Show 2019 in Nuremberg. It was our pleasure to present to you our range of innovative effect pigments. A summary of our ECS highlight products can be found on the following page. If we can assist you in the meantime please feel free to contact us directly.

Best regards, Your SCHLENK Team

Impressions of the ECS 2019

SCHLENK Product Highlights 2019

New Pigment Technology:


Ultra-Thin Pigments (UTP)

Zenexo® represents a new generation of colored aluminium effect pigments based on an ultra-thin aluminium substrate of reproducible thickness. A high-tech metal-oxide precipitation process leads to ultra-thin effect pigment particles with unique advantages in coatings, plastics and printings applications. Zenexo® is supplied in a powder delivery form, which is safe-to-use, easy to transport, easy to store, easy to formulateand provides outstanding coloristic features i.e. hiding power, flop and gloss. Be impressed by our new developments!

New Pigment Technology:


Polychromatic Effect Pigments

With MultiFlect® effect pigments, polychromatic effects can be realized in coatings, plastics and printings applications. MultiFlect® exhibit polychromatic light sparks resulting in eye-catching rainbow appearance under directional lighting. Switchable optical effects using MultiFlect® can be achived using LED light sources. It provides a perfect combination of polychromaticity and cost efficiency (CE).

New Effect Pigment:

AluStar® UTM series

Ultra-treated Metallics

The AluStar® UTM 10000 effect pigment series closes the gap between fine, high quality, silverdollar pigments and vacuum metallized pigments. The good metallic effect extends to chrome-like reflection in the coatings & printing inks industry. SCHLENK offers 3 different grades in various delivery forms.

New Effect Pigment:


Mirror-like Effect Pigments

The Decomet® series is used to achieve high quality mirror-like effects. Decomet® 2004 18/10 C0 is our new development in the VMP (vacuum metallized pigments) coatings area, due to its great properties such as bright metallic effect, high gloss, very good DOI and flop.

New Effect Pigment:

Powdal® SDT

Effect Pigments for Powder Coatings

Powdal® SDT is a super durable technology grade in the Powdal® high perfor- mance powder coatings aluminium pigment range. It provides outstanding chemical stability properties and protects the aluminium pigment particles against alkaline & acidic attack.

New Effect Pigment:


Effect Pigments for UV-curable coatings

AluLux® is a new product series of aluminium based effect pigments for the application in different UV coatings and printing inks technologies. AluLux® includes metal effect pigments with different treatments which meet the re-quirements of all types of waterborne UV coatings and printing inks applications.

New Effect Pigment:

Grandal® W

Pellets easy to use

Grandal® W is the new generation of aluminum pellets for water-based printing inks. Grandal® W grades allow dust-free processing, are easy to dose and disperse, can be used in a variety of formulations and can be airfreighted.

Lottery at the European Coatings Show 2019

On the occasion of the company anniversary "140 years SCHLENK" a lottery took place at the European Coatings Show this year. Congratulations to all winners of the lottery!

The lucky winners of this lottery are:

1st Price

Gift voucher for a PORSCHE drive, PORSCHE Museum & PORSCHE Plant in Zuffenhausen including one overnight stay for two persons.

Winner: Frank Jemiola

2nd Price

Corvette Stingray C2 model car (scale 1:18)

Winner: Sarah Grafen

3rd Price

PORSCHE Targa model car (scale 1:18)

Winner: Christian Lutz

4th Price

PORSCHE Targa model car (Playmobil)

Winner: Omri Mazar